September 2019

Clinical Nutrition: A New Market Opportunity

Clearer language and scientific documentation for product benefits could open new doors for nutraceuticals in healthcare settings.
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June 2019

Preparing for FDA’s New Era of Food Safety

Here are some insights into U.S. regulatory requirements regarding the safety of food and dietary supplements.
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April 2019

Emerging Regulatory Pathways for Nutraceuticals

Each product class offers unique options for making claims and communicating benefits to consumers and healthcare professionals.
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January 2019

Nuances of the Healthcare Institutional Nutrition Market

The opportunity for distribution of nutritional products in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and home care is growing dramatically.
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November 2018

‘No Pain, No Gain?’ What’s the Real Story?

Supplements that can tap into the potential of heat shock proteins could potentially transform the sports nutrition industry.
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September 2018

Flavor: The New Frontier

A critical component of new product development, flavor should be integrated into the overall concept and marketing strategy.
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June 2018

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property for Nutraceuticals

Securing patents and trademarks will help protect your brand and lead to commercial success.
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April 2018

Taking the Mystery Out of Medical Foods

There are many regulatory factors to consider. Does your product qualify?
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January 2018

Practitioner Channel: Pitfalls and Opportunities for Supplement Brands

Current trends and acquisitions in the health care practitioner channel demonstrate common pitfalls and benefits supplement brands face selling through medical professionals.
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January 2018

Expect Changes for the Nutraceutical Industry in the Year Ahead

To succeed in a complex, emerging environment, don’t react; be the agent of change.
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November 2017

When a Patent Is Not Enough: Product Commercialization Considerations

A comprehensive intellectual property strategy can help assure successful commercialization.
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September 2017

Grow Your Nutritional Business through Effective Market Research

Experts offer advice for developing a well-informed market research plan that addresses your goals.
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June 2017

Unfolding the Interrelationship Between GI Health & Immunity

Diet and nutritional status are vitally connected to the immune and gastrointestinal systems.
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April 2017

Weighty Matters: Implications for Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Based on current trends, obesity-related medical costs could increase to $256 billion by 2030.
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January 2017

Cyber-Security Questions for Nutraceutical Company Executives

While it may seem overwhelming, cyber threats can be managed with a focused approach.
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November 2016

Challenges for Nutritional Products in Healthcare Facilities

Marketing medical products to institutions is much different than targeting retailers or consumers.
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September 2016

What’s the Value of a CRO? And Do I Need One?

A well-managed clinical trial is a significant investment in money and time, and is often critical to success.
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June 2016

Understanding The GRAS Self-Determination Process

Gaining GRAS status can help companies expand their business into the fortified foods market.
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January 2016

A Thriving Market for High-Quality Meal Replacement Beverages

Manufacturers are developing great tasting, healthy products to replace missing or unbalanced meals.
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November 2015

The Importance of Significant Scientific Agreement for Medical Foods

Industry must be prepared to meet and exceed regulatory and scientific standards.
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September 2015

Scientific Requirements in Support of Medical Foods Claims

The strongest evidence comes from systematic reviews, meta-analyses and prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trials.
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June 2015

Dynamic Changes in the Health Practitioner Channel

Significant opportunities are emerging to expand the targeted customer base to more allopathic MDs.
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January 2015

Nutritional Interventions for the Aging Process

Baby Boomers want more nutraceutical ingredients in their everyday foods and beverages.
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November 2014

Insights on the Gluten-Free Market

Once believed to be a passing fad, the gluten-free foods category has evolved to become a mainstream star.
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June 2014

Nutritional Products in Healthcare Institutions

Hospitals, nursing homes and home care represent untapped opportunities for dietary supplements.
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March 2014

Video: Medical Foods, Innovation and the Healthcare Practitioner Channel

Greg Stephens of Windrose Partners discussed issues and opportunities in these important markets at the GOED Exchange in Salt Lake City, UT.
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November 2013

Rough Road Ahead for Medical Foods?

Recent FDA activity suggests increased scrutiny of the category and more aggressive enforcement.
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September 2013

Pharmaceuticals & Dietary Supplements Converge

It appears the relationship between these two markets may not be as adversarial as it was in years past.
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June 2013

Convergence of the Health Practitioner Channel & Medical Foods

Medical foods continue to grow as a class of products, in tandem with health practitioner influence.
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September 2012

Business Insights: The Emerging Market for Medical Foods

Over the past few months there has been quite a bit of activity in the medical foods market. Indeed, industry reports are reflecting consistent and sustainable growth in this multibillion-dollar health and wellness segment.
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